Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: Really Red & Pink Storm

Hi! :) I was in boots today, desperately searching for a perfect red lipstick, as I actually have none! (I have a formal to go to tomorrow and no other lipstick suits my dress than red.) I can't stand the colour red, and avoid it at all costs, but I was still surprised to find a lipstick hoarder like me to be lacking a red lipstick! Oh well. I found a perfect red in the form of Revlon's Really Red, and seeing as it was buy one get one half price, I couldn't resist buying a second lipstick hehe :3

Both Really Red and Pink Storm are Matte shades, and I find Revlon's matte shades to be a really lovely formula. Non drying, highly pigmented, long lasting and easy to apply! What more could you ask for? (Except maybe a wider range of shades...)
One niggle I have with this range of lipsticks, (one that is, admittey, completely benign) is that I really dislike the packaging. The black and gold/brass just don't mix well with me. As Revlon is quite a high end 'drugstore' brand, I feel they would look a lot nicer if they were silver or chrome instead of the brassy colour. (Though really, it doesn't matter at all. They're wonderful products)

Thanks for reading <3

Ps, sorry for the current low quality photos. I'm using a terrible camera at the moment :(

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