Wednesday, 27 February 2013

GOSH x-ceptional wear foundation

I'm going to review what is, for me, the ultimate foundation for pale skin: GOSH x-ceptional wear in porcelain.

I'm sure anyone reading who has pale skin will sympathise with me that it's next to impossible to find a foundation that is suitable for pale skin that doesn't leave your skin with a orange tinge.
I've tried mixing white foundation to tone down normal foundations, I've tried expensive brands, I've tried cheap brands. It took me seven years to find something that suited my skin tone.
For reference, I'm about NW10 or maybe a little paler.

I came across GOSH's x-ceptional wear in porcelain whilst just browsing through superdrug, and was pleasantly surprised when I swatched it on my hand - it was almost a perfect match for my skin! Leaning a little on the pink side, I wasn't phased, anything was better than that dreadful orange tinge. So I picked up a bottle two years ago and haven't found a foundation that betters it yet.

It has a light to medium coverage, smoothing out skin tone and gives your face a lovely smooth and porcelain look to it. However, it won't cover blemishes or dark circles, so you'll definitely need a good concealer to team it with.

Although it looks quite orangey here,

It blends out into a lovely pale tone that matches and smooths out my skin tone lovely.

It is available in most superdrugs for a measly £8~ so it's definitely worth checking out :)

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Monday, 25 February 2013

MAC NW10 Studio Fix Foundation Powder

Hi! :) so, as I promised, I've got a review and swatches of MACs nw10 studio fix powder.
The product is a foundation powder, which would be ideal for oily skin. Personally, I have combination (but mostly dry) skin, and I will use the powder to bus coverage over my primer/foundation, which only offer a light to medium coverage.
It comes in MACs standard packaging, which I think is lovely, very minimalist and distinctive. The compact has a mirror and a space underneath with a sponge.

The powder is really blendable, smooth and offers a really good coverage for a powder, I'm actually quite surprised at how good the coverage is (and I've tried powder foundations before!) so kudos to MAC for making a great product.
As for the shade, in indoor light, it looks like the perfect shade. I always wanted to try MAC but even NW15 was too dark for me. So hopefully going 5 points lighter will leave me with the perfect pale powder!
It really smoothed out my skin, and it seems to have light reflecting qualities as I look quite... Illuminated (sparkly? :p) while wearing the powder.
As for staying power, I would say it would last a good few hours, but it would definitely need reapplied a few times a day.

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Haul post~

Hi! :) so I popped into town today and picked up some makeupy bits, and I thought I'd share them :) ill be doing reviews of some of the products soon so if anything catches your eye, comment and stay tuned :)

First, I got MAC studio fix foundation powder in NW10. My favourite face powder (a pale one by UNE) was discontinued and so I succumbed and went to mac! Ill definitely be reviewing and searching this soon :)

I was in my local art supply shop when I noticed these. They have the little mini studs I've been looking everywhere for, as well as little gems and 'caviar' beads!

I misplaced my eyeliner pen, so I went back to my old faithful, revlon colourstay liquid eye pen

Finally, I availed of semichem's 3-4-2 offer on NYC to get three products I've wanted to try for ages. The rock muse top coat, a black polish with different sizes of glitter, grand central station, which I've heard is a wonderful top coat, and applelicious glossy lip balm in apple blossom.

Ill definitely put up swatches and reviews of most of these products, so stay tuned! :)
Thanks for reading <3