Sunday, 29 December 2013

Crabtree & Evelyn

I received two presents from Crabtree & Evelyn this Christmas. Now, I'm not really into skincare, I rarely find anything that my skin actually agrees with and so I just stick to a few products from Lush. However, getting a few products from Crabtree & Evelyn gave me the opportunity to try out a few new products (and a brand I'd never even gave a second glance). 

I got the Tarocco Organge, Eucalyptus and Sage hand cream and a Wysteria giftset, which features a shower gel, a body cream and a little hand cream. As I said, I've never been really into skincare, and I do not care for hand or body creams. They seem like a nice idea, but they never seem to absorb properly and often feel quite greasy. 
However, these little treats have wholly changed my mind. They smell heavenly (esp the Orange one), they absorb really quickly, and leave me feeling soft, instead of greasy and yuck. I absolutely adore them! I'm so happy I was given these, as I would have never thought to try out their products. I think I'll definitely be popping in to my local store to see what else they have in store though! 


Friday, 27 December 2013

New treats~

Hey! I thought I'd share a few things I've picked up recently, sort of as a sneak peak into what I'll be reviewing in the next few weeks! :) 

I treated myself to the Naked 3 palette when it came out (no regrets: prettiest palette ever <3), and got the Naked Basics palette as a Christmas present! I also got a Debenhams gift card for Christmas, and so I bought three things I've wanted for ever: Illamasqua's Raindrop and Jo'Mina nail polishes, and MACs Snob lipstick! Ahh I've not even taken them out of their packaging yet, I'm so excited to see them :D I'll be reviewing these (and maybe a few more things) in the coming weeks, so I hope you'll stay tuned :) 


I'm Back!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for the awfully long hiatus, but I'm back, and I'm gonna do my very best to stay back! I'll get some posts up in no time and hopefully you'll enjoy them! :)