Friday, 17 January 2014

Urban Decay Smoked Palette Review

I recently realised that I took photos and swatches for a review of my UD Smoked Palette last a p r i l  and totally forgot to do the actual review! I know it's very late, but I didn't want to let the photos go to waste, so here we are! 

The design of the case is definitely my favourite of the UD palettes. My Eyeshadows are snug and secure in a cushioned, zip up case, and it has the added bonus of being absolutely gorgeous! Smooth black satin with an embossed title. 

Kinky is a creamy white shade that is pretty much identical to my skin tone! Pretty useless for me, and any other ghosties, but on darker skin would be a lovely non-shimmery highlighter (rare!) 

Freestyle is a warm, almost peachy cream shade, works very well as a base shade. 

Mushroom was, if I'm honest, the only reason I bought this palette. It's a cool metallic taupe, verging on pewter. Initially, it doesn't apply incredibly pigmented, but it's impressive when used with a damp brush. Mushroom is an ideal crease shade for when I'm wanting a metallic shade. (Can you tell I love it? :D)

Backdoor is a lovely medium-dark brown, leaning towards a warm tone. It works very well with both Mushroom and Barlust layered over it, or used as a crease shade for a brown smokey eye. 

Blackout is an incredibly pigmented true matte black. It is perfect for a smokey eye, or as a crease shade for colourful shades. Definitely one of the best shadows in the palette.

Barlust is a delightful Baroque bronze shade, and is wonderfully pigmented. Again, works lovely and adds a certain richness when layered over the likes of Backdoor, or any warm brown or bronze shade. 
Rockstar is a cool metallic purple shade, works really well teamed with a true, matte black (Blackout, for example), especially when used with a black crease. 

Evidence is a cool metallic blue, which I have not used, and likely will never use. It has nothing to do with the eyeshadow, which is very well pigmented, and UDs typical buttery texture, I just really don't like blue eyeshadow. Oh well!

Loaded is a metallic hunter green shade, which, similar to rockstar, works really well with Blackout. 

Asphalt is the final shadow in the palette. It is a cool pewter shade, (similar to Mushroom, minus the taupe) and is a very buildable shade, though application with a damp brush will give a very pigmented effect. 

L - R Foxy, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout

L-R Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt.

The eyeshadows are Urban Decay's usual top quality, buttery texture and wonderful pigmentation (with the exception of a few of the metallic shades) and although I usually stick with my Naked palettes, I'm definitely glad I own Smoked (if only for Mushroom! hah)

In addition to ten eyeshadows, the palette comes with a travel sized primer potion, a full sized 24/7 eyeliner in 'perversion', which is the most pigmented and long lasting eyeliner I have ever used, and a lookbook, full of ideas and ways of using the products included. For £35 I think this is a pretty amazing deal! 

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