Wednesday, 27 February 2013

GOSH x-ceptional wear foundation

I'm going to review what is, for me, the ultimate foundation for pale skin: GOSH x-ceptional wear in porcelain.

I'm sure anyone reading who has pale skin will sympathise with me that it's next to impossible to find a foundation that is suitable for pale skin that doesn't leave your skin with a orange tinge.
I've tried mixing white foundation to tone down normal foundations, I've tried expensive brands, I've tried cheap brands. It took me seven years to find something that suited my skin tone.
For reference, I'm about NW10 or maybe a little paler.

I came across GOSH's x-ceptional wear in porcelain whilst just browsing through superdrug, and was pleasantly surprised when I swatched it on my hand - it was almost a perfect match for my skin! Leaning a little on the pink side, I wasn't phased, anything was better than that dreadful orange tinge. So I picked up a bottle two years ago and haven't found a foundation that betters it yet.

It has a light to medium coverage, smoothing out skin tone and gives your face a lovely smooth and porcelain look to it. However, it won't cover blemishes or dark circles, so you'll definitely need a good concealer to team it with.

Although it looks quite orangey here,

It blends out into a lovely pale tone that matches and smooths out my skin tone lovely.

It is available in most superdrugs for a measly £8~ so it's definitely worth checking out :)

Thanks for reading <3

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